Huichao Ji

Hi, I'm Huichao Ji (冀慧超), a 1st-year Ph.D. student in Department of Psychology at Yale University. I work with Dr. Brian Scholl . Before coming to Yale, I earned my MA and BA in Psychology from Department of Psychology at Sun Yat-sen University.

We live in a social world with a highly intelligent cognitive system. With Dr. Xiaowei Ding and Dr. Jing Pan at Sun Yat-sen University, we investigated how we use capacity-limited cognitive systems to process unlimited information in the world by focusing on perception, attention, and working memory. For social information processing, we have investigated how do we perceive (Ji & Pan, 2019; Shao et al., 2020; Sun et al., 2021) and attend (Ji et al., 2020) to others' actions and social interactions. For working memory, we mainly explored the data format of information stored in working memory that allows for manipulation.

You can download my CV here.

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